What to do with a rodent after I catch it?

The chances are that on the endeavor to rid your house of pests and little furry mammals, you ended up trapping a few of them. Now the real question that is of concern is what to do next? Given that it is an actual organism that responds to different stimulus and behaves on its own accord, how do we exactly deal with these furry little creatures? Lets look into a few alternatives.

1.    Set them free

If youve caught a rodent that is less of a pest but more of an intruder, such as a squirrel, the most humane thing you can do in that scenario is to set them free. Given that you set up a trap which captured the rodent whole and did not harm the animal in any certain way, it is often a feasible decision to let the animal back in the open where they naturally belong. Furthermore, this method is the most humane one given that no harm is done to the animal and that the animal is released back into the wild with the purest of intent.

2.    Contact the local pet store

Though this may be a far stretch, little rodents, such as rats and mouse are a popular niche pet in certain rural and urban areas. For example, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter! Contact the local pet-store and zoo and ask around if theyd be interested in adopting the furry rodent thats been dwelling in your house. 

3.    Get in touch with a local university about it.

Students of veterinary sciences and psychologist need live samples to practice and test their hypothesis and theories on. Given that the local university or school in your area is registered and does not have a bad reputation for mishandling cases ask around if theyd be interested in adopting them. Rats and mouse are smart animals and respond to social and psychological stimuli which make them good candidates to test certain experiments on. Furthermore, they procreate rapidly which makes experiments in which genetics are involved more productive.

4.    Handle the worst case scenario

The chances are that the trap you set ended up killing the rodent that you were after. Its fine; this is how natural selection works. Only the best survive. But you now have a dead mouse in your house. The most humane thing to do now is to take the animal to your backyard and bury it. Throwing it away in the bin is a bit harsh and if the garbage man doesnt come will end up making the whole house stink. If the mouse is seriously hurt, ensure that the trap you set for next time doesnt prolong the suffering of the little animal.  

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