Problems Elephants Cause for People

Elephants have existed as far back as we can remember. They have been used as instruments of war in some generations and as circus performers in another. What is common in both cases is our endless fascination with them. Ask a young child about the biggest animal there is and the chances are that he/she will scream out elephant in full confidence and delight. 

The modern threat

As we know it, the world is on the verge of a serious population crisis. For accommodation and to make a general living, we humans have relocated ourselves and extended our boundaries, disregarding the fact that the land that were invading to might already be home to someone (or something) else. This poses a major threat to elephants and their territories. Encroachment is the first reason why interactions between elephants and humans have skyrocketed in the past decade. So what exactly happens when men and beast cross paths?

Destroying crops

Elephants are notorious for destroying crops. This is in particular for those rural populations that are nutritionally vulnerable and rely on a single plant for their main source of income and food. Elephants in the same vicinity are liable to come around and destroy the hard work of a whole season in one night. This is often said to occur due to the high nutritional value the crop may provide the elephant and that it is simply there for the taking. 

Unprecedented killings

Destroying crops leads us to a major confrontation between man and beast. On the one hand is the income of six months of manual labor and on the other side is a mighty beast that will not back down. This is why local people often chose to fight back and defend their territory. It should be noted that roughly about 200 people die from Elephant attacks every year and this is one of the biggest factors there is elephants attack when they are threatened, which is exactly what farmers and local tribesmen intend to do when they get close.

Poaching and sport

Elephants are killed illegally for their tusks and bones, which some people believe have medicinal properties. This also extends to games, with high fees for hunting. Since this has been going on for a long while, the elephant population has declined a lot in the last couple of decades. Since elephants dont breed as often as other mammals were familiar of; they are more likely to go extinct if this pattern continues. Elephants, for several countries, serve as a front-runner for the tourist industry since they are found only in Africa and some places in Asia, and their extinction means the premature death of an industry.

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